Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Benjamin Le Roux Stalker

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We all know that Benjamin Le Roux is a bit of a psycho. You remember how he was responsible for the events that led to the gruesome death of his stepfather, mos? He may have acted like he was being a good samaritan and cleaning up Sofia's mess but we all know he was looking out for number one. Didn't Braam want to remove him from the will for some reason? Yup! And a few days later the old man narrowly missed being chucked down a mine shaft was then held prisoner in his wine cellar then burnt to death. Nc nc nc.

Before that dear Benji bullied a schoolmate live on Len Cooper's show just to prove some silly point that he's good or needed or warrevah. The kid he was torturing ended up almost killing himself - and at the end of it all sofia and Daniel were whispering about "what a weirdo" Benjamin is for doing that. Ya think? That boy is drunk on privilege half the time.

Speaking of ghosts of bullying victims past... Benjamin - who is a gazillionaire, apparently - recently bought ONTV and renamed it "ON". Soon after he started facing some problems ranging  from dead air, moved money, being stalked to getting framed for embezzlement. Things aren't looking good at all for Horizon Deep's resident sadist. At first I suspected that it might be Len Cooper but abandoned that theory since he didn't have much of a grudge against Ben or the skills displayed by the hacker when he left.

On tonight's episode it was revealed that the stalker/hacker/grudge-bearer-out-to-ruin-Ben's-life is McGregor - the same kid Ben abused in high school. The chickens have totally come home to roost.

How much farther do y'all think he'll take the revenge mission? Do you think Benji will be able to get the upper hand again? Do you want him to? Let me know in the comments or tweet me.

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