Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Isidingo: Doing The Most

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I love Isidingo. I've been watching it as far back as late primary school/early high school. I was there when we lost Ashely and subsequently Leone Haines. Iwas also there when  Leti Matabane was killed off suddenly. I was there when the Le Rouxs came to town and when the Sibeko family too arrived in dusty Horizon Deep to shake things up and add some glamour. I was watching when Vusi Moletsane found Duncan Haines' body and way back when Refiloe fell pregnant with Bra Zeb's baby. Last year, when their sets burnt down I hurt along with the cast and crew - and perpetuated some whodunit conspiracy theories on social media on the side. When the writers came up with the "a mad man is poisoning Horizon Deep's water" storyline to get everyone onto a new set I clapped and stayed tuned. So I'm a fan.

For a while between August and October the Palesa Motaung (played by the then newly-cast, lovely Pearl Thusi) x Papa G (played by the incomparable Darlington Michaels bored me to no end. This was the same time that the Nyathi brothers saga was unravelling on eTV's Scandal! and my eTV reception improved drastically for weeks at a time. Scandal! stole my heart from Isidingo. The show was tedious and I was glad to have the distraction in the hotter Scandal! So I cheated.

In the past few months things picked up, Benjamin Le Roux got a vengeful stalker and I was glad to see Munchie le Munchie wa hae again. Then all of a Sunday all hell broke loose! The Sibeko brothers were feuding and it turns out the ancestors have beeen mad as hell. Lerato was diagnosed with cancer and is still living through the treatment. When everything in the Sibeko house seemed to calm down Jefferson unleashed some brutality on Katlego, brutality I can't stomach most days. It's horrible. I know abuse is a daunting, dark pit but all I ever do - when I'm not using my phone to distract me from Katlego and Jeff scenes - is urging Katlego to pack up and leave. It's maddening.

Then, just last week, the Kumars' little girl was diagnosed with diabetes. REALLY?! It all just feels like they want to add banners and ribbons to their end credits more than weaving the causes and awareness into the story or the characters. It's all too much.

Lerato's cancer started with breast cancer month, Jefferson started beating katlego just in time for 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Child Abuse. These are worthy causes and the stories have made me incredibly sad on behalf of the characters but the campaigning is so thinly veiled - it feels fleeting and superficial.  Like when they turn off the storylines/when the awareness periods end that will be the end of it. I don't feel that any realy work is being done there.

What are your thoughts on this.

Also, didn't Bubbles have cancer back in the day? It was a sad time at the Bullers.

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