Thursday, 19 December 2013

Single Guys

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On Monday I was watching (and live-tweeing it, obv) Single Guys on SABC 1. This is a new show that's been on for a while, but got interrupted for the durationof So You Think You Can Dance was on. It took me to getting to the second episode to really get into this show, which I now love. The show stars Motlatsi Mafatse, Thomas Gumede and Thabo Malema as the lead cast. The show features Nolwazi Shange as the lead characters' "we love you like a sister" neighbour and Zola Nombona as Khaya's girlfriend Lerato.

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There's Khaya - played by Thabo Malema -who owns a DVD store dedicated to African films (sharrout!)  and is absolutely awkward around women. By the time the show's hiatus (to make way for So You Think You Can Dance's result shows) began Khaya was already dating Lerato with the wicked temper. Siyabonga Thwala, the best cameo of the season so far, plays Khaya's criminal of a father.

On the total opposite of the spectrum there's Taps - played by Motlatsi Mafase - who is incredibly confident - bordering on arrogant; is about getting laid "sizothola iweh weh!' is his signature line. Taps has a sexy times past with the boys' neighbour Kwezi - played by Shange. Taps believes that he's a ladies' man but often his cocky attitude cock-blocks him.

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Then there's Zanele - played by Thomas Gumede. On Monday, while watching the show I tweeted the following:

And as you can see Thomas Gumede pretty much agrees. That's basically Zanele and his dining-room-sleeping and teddy-bear-cuddling ass.

So have you been watching this show? What do you think of it?

PS: I Love Drake.

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