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Favourite South African TV ads - 2013

TV time has always been a bit of a ritual for me with my family. I generally watch it with my kid sister now and we can spend hours laughing about a good bit of dialogue or advert. These are our (mostly mine) favourite ads from the past year.

The best:

1.  & 2. Kenny Makhenzo x DSTV.

The creatives on this hit sixes. It's just so adorable and funny af. We all have that uncle who thinks he knows everything and is better than everyone. And I enjoy Kenneth Nkosi when he's not in Schuster films because, euw.

3. The Chef 
This is probably a Top-Three ad for me for many reasons and many lists. I can even stomach the white man's voice etolika. This man is such a babe (freeze frame at 34 seconds and one minute and  nine seconds, jezos.) I also think I have a thing for these Amstel ads because I was obsessed -- still am -- with the ad that preceded this one. The casting is also on point, isn't it? I guess I'm saying good job to the people at  OwenKessel and everyone involved. Also, how Top Chef-y is this kitchen? I get feels.

4. First You Twist it
Confession: I remember the ad with the little kid sitting on the pavement trying to teach his dog how to eat an oreo. Down to the dialogue. This is such an adorable spot because yay! black little girls can be princesses too and tell their suited up (faaahn) dads stories and teach them how to eat a biscuit in a make-shift castle/tent in the house! Also, swan moment. Few people actually recognised this man from the OLX spots. What a difference a suit and speaking makes.

5. Cute-meet
I remember writing on my personal blog about how really incredible this ad is. I love it. I also ranted a bit about how the ad world is a bit shitty because it still refuses to cast black (and brown) faces in these cute spots that aren't charged with racial stereotypes. I cannot see why this couple HAD to be white.  I hope my future cute-meets are this adorbs.

6. It's his imagination Friend
omg. More cuteness. Notice how he has his hand in his chinos and his cardigan is sitting. Hipster kids. Love it. By a show of eye rolls, how many of you would have gotten one upside your head if you tried to prevent your gran using the bathroom because your imaginary friend was in there? haha. Also, I feel there's a whole story woven into the background i.e we move to the city and build whole lives and families there and parents become holiday grandparents. Aw.

7. First Car
I'm such a softie about these things because parents are magical and stuff. There's very little I wouldn't have done for my own mother and father given the chance. Hey, Yonda - I do have a soft spot for my Class Act alumni.


8. Shots Fired

For a while my sister and I called each other "baybe ghel" we still laugh about it when one of us doe it. Also, check the tiny burger. ha.

9. Starring.
If you grew up elokishini and you had iTV and (maybe) ivideo player then you remember this. I too was this kid who re-told whack ass movies to a captivated audience. If you missed istory the night before (because your mum wouldn't let you watch it or you didn't have a TV or went to sleep to early)  you'd be that kid listening to everyone tell it the next day walking to school, at lunch and walking back home. 

10. Kreamy Kreamy Puff

Last but not least is Klein Kimmie. The most important ad ever made -- don't argue. Your fav doesn't even have a music video. I wrote about this on my personal blog at length too last year. Talk to me about your fav's hustle. "I'm a bit of a gangster..." Yas, girl!!! One minute and 38 seconds in I believe in you, girl.

And the worst

and that gross " AND THEN YOU GRAB IT HOT HOT HOT" sunshine D ad. Euw. And "mama feel so good." Those narrative of the loud black woman are so done and lazy. Go away with that BS.

What were your favourite and worst ads of the past year?

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