Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Chef Sifiso can taste my sishebo any day.

[Disclaimer:] I used to hate the "Perfect Sishebo Show" inserts so much a few years back. They were substandard (much like most stuff aimed at those of us who aren't in LSM 7,) the host was annoying and I just couldn't stand them. I hate seeing omama made to do silly stuff for "entertainment."

Wanna taste isishebo sami or nah?

Two weeks a go The Perfect Sishebo Show debuted - it's an actual show that runs for 20 minutes. There's a prize. A PRIZE. Of 250, 000 Randt at stake. The show made an effort to get out of Gauteng  and visit other provinces where they met lovely women who are into cooking. From ugogo who likes exercising in Limpopo to the Modashians (yes, it's derived from what you think it's derived from) in Orlando. They've got Mpho Pops, who was on the most recent season of Strictly Come Dancing and is a comic -- he's not overwhelmingly funny on the show.

Now, I'm not very sure that Sifiso is an actual chef because all he's done is teach the participants the "right way" to chop an onion. Even his judging commentary is a bit sketchy "your gravy is dry/too runny" "you didn't make the soup into a paste first?" "I noticed you clubbing your meat before cooking earlier"... Meh. One time he even suggested knorox to one of the contestants who couldn't find salt AFTER the fact. Shit, even I know that.  The show is produced by Raps and Makhenzo - they're such bffs and are now producing these Sishebo shows. There's another one coming to eTV soon, enter if you're into this sort of thing.

His chef-ing background may be under review but I do know that Sifiso is good looking and has a nice smile and a delicious voice. If Rapunneth ever made a show about people who are great ek'pataniseni then I'd let Chef Sifiso taste isishebo sami. 

signed, sealed and delivered.

What do you think of Rapulana Sephemo and Kenneth Nkosi's bff-ship? What do you think of this new show? Would you let Chef Sifiso taste isishebo sakho?

If you want to catch this show it's on SABC 1 Thursdays at 19h00. 

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