Friday, 16 May 2014

The X-Factor SA

Look, I've got some thoughts and feelings on this here thing. When I first caught wind of the SABC buying into the X Factor format I was a bit mad. So mad you could have been valid it assuming it was all MY money they're wasting. 

Friday Funday Four - When We Were Black

When we Were Black Ep1

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When we Were Black first broadcast when I was in high school, I can't remember if it was during grade 10 or 11. The day after the final episode aired the whole school was buzzing with the events. It's still one of the most electric and alive stories on apartheid, around the events of 1976 and Soweto at the time. Thank you Khalo Matabane. The mini series started again last night on SABC 1 and I just have some feels to share on the first episode. 

Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday Funday Three - South African Film Releases (2014)

I may or may not get paid soon so I'm just sitting here making plans in my head. These are the films I'd like to see (and review :D) very soon.

Thina Sobabili

It's set in Alex, explores a sibling relationship and looks hectic. I love the treatment of the trailer (I think that's Bongeziwe Mabandla singing.) This is a snippet of the description in the Vimeo page where the trailer's hosted:

"Thulas will do anything to protect his sister, Zanele, after witnessing her abuse as a child. As a result, the two share a very strained relationship and when Zanele finally falls for the charms of an older man, Thulas is determined to protect his sister by putting an end to their relationship"

The boys look like boys I'd see when I step outside, I like that.


iNumber Number

If I remember correctly uSdumo was awarded a film when he won the first season of Class Act but I'm not sure if that is infact that film come to fruition. I have to compare this to a classic and say that if you loved Jerusalema (as I did) this is going to be a treat for you and I. It looks like Jerusalema on speed. I fell asleep (twice) when I tried to watch How to Steal R2 Million but I don't think I'd have that problem here. There are starrings galore in this -- if you like them, they've probably been cast. I hope to see it this weekend.


The Forgotten Kingdom

I first heard of this film through the ELLE culture page in the November 2013 issue, I think. But saw Nozipho and Zenzo opposite each other in an episode of Intersexions playing characters I suspect were derived from this feature. For one, Zenzo's character is named Atang in both instances. The film was shot in Lesotho and I'm expecting some great scenery to be juxtaposed with the beautiful yet sad story. The brief horse riding scene shown in the trailer... lawdt.


What locally-produced films are on your radar currently?