Friday, 16 May 2014

Friday Funday Four - When We Were Black

When we Were Black Ep1

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When we Were Black first broadcast when I was in high school, I can't remember if it was during grade 10 or 11. The day after the final episode aired the whole school was buzzing with the events. It's still one of the most electric and alive stories on apartheid, around the events of 1976 and Soweto at the time. Thank you Khalo Matabane. The mini series started again last night on SABC 1 and I just have some feels to share on the first episode. 

First of all  uNozipho and Fistos lead vastly different lives. He's spacey and she's militant. The chat she has with her mum about the introduction of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction isjust and illustration of who she is and on the other hand  kuduma uMangi in Fitsos' head. In the next scene uNozipho validates his love for space and science but implores him to pay attention to his surroundings. All the yeses. As the series progresses the story gets more intense and the long arm of oppression reveals itself in more than just Casper's mum having to leave her son alone to go raise other people's kids. The people were living and fighting and loving and living. 

My favourite things about the first episode have mostly stayed the same but I did notice a few new things. This is a list of all the things I liked about last night's episode. 

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- Casper
- Fistos' mum (aka everyone's TV mum), mme Harriet Manamela
- Her Record Player.
- Nozipho. Her killing the rooster for Fistos, her dress, her briefcase.
- Fistos' bath scene, cos uhm what's more township than ukugezela endishini THEN have someone knock at the door demanding to get into the room and get stuff done? Soap moustaches rule.
- The fashun, yo.
- Fistos' dance when he entered the dance floor. Trolololo.
- The music
- The Bead curtains.
- The footage used to transition

Quote of the episode:

"It takes as long as it takes." -  Comrade Modise

The final scene, where Fistos tells Casper that he and Mangi are now friends still holds as a perfect scene and my favourite!

Have you ever watched this show during any of its many many many repeats? What were your thoughts? I'm actually not mad at the SABC for this repeat. Not one bit.

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