Friday, 16 May 2014

The X-Factor SA

Look, I've got some thoughts and feelings on this here thing. When I first caught wind of the SABC buying into the X Factor format I was a bit mad. So mad you could have been valid it assuming it was all MY money they're wasting. 

Sure I've been watching the second season of X Factor USA as many Saturdays as I could on SABC 2 and -- judges/coaches aside -- it's an alright show. But that doesn't mean I want the format brought here.

Some reasons why X Factor SA is not the brightest idea ever:

1. When was the last time a lucrative singing career -- I daren't say, star -- came out of a singing competition in this country. And, man, have we had singing competitions... Jamali came out of Coca Cola Pop Stars all those years ago. They didn't win the competition but they had some mileage off of it. Lloyd Cele didn't win his season of Idols. He and Elvis Blue (who won that season) are probably the most relevant Idols for a while. There was also ZamaJobe who also didn't win BUT had some success and a growing fanbase because her sound -- not very pop or Highveld Stereo/5FM -- was is relevant to the market.

2. SA's Got Talent is now on eTV. That only spells we ain't got no money to maintain these concepts from the overseas but sithanda izinto on the SABC's side.

3. SYTYCD, Strictly Come Dancing and SA's Got Talent -- all international formats -- were all off the air for years during the great SABC economic melt down.

What annoys me even more is that none of these shows seem to care about the people that come thru them. I love bad auditions and great performance nights as much as anyone but iphi imiphumela? Where are the last two winners of I Want to Sing Gospel? Where are the top three finalists from the last Idols? Those boys were talented and had the nation's -- for the most part -- ear but nothing came of it. And when will we start working on our own concepts? Yhu, kulate.

What are your thoughts on this whole X ongasolveki thang?

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