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Thandaza and Ranthumeng Get married

So, last Thursday Thandaza and Ranthumeng Mokoena got married for the second time and I'm hoping it's for keeps because some romances are just boring and not everyone can do the on and off thing quite like Brooke and Ridge did. Disclosure: I didn't know it was Brian Temba THE MUSICIAN who had taken over the Ranthumeng role until I heard him on Ukhozi FM and the host called him Brian Temba because that's his actual  name. I hadn't really been paying attention to the return of Rantumeng because that whole amnesia thing. Stop it, TV people.

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I'm not even going to address lamalivilivi. 

Five Thoughts on the Wedding Episode:

1. Yay! Thandaza, you deserve all of this happy because I remember your early love days and the mess Edward put you through. You deserve this moment, girl. May it last until the next recast *ululates*

2. Where were the kids? I dunno about you guys but I judged Ranthumeng when he came back and not once mentioned his son. Sure he had a bit of amnesia but why so dead beat? Where was Dakalo? Vusi wasn't even allowed to invite his friend? Oh.


3. Of course it took Thandaza and Ranthu getting married to get Phila Mazibuko out of exile. Please, someone, anyone tell me that he's got a lush desk job or business and that's why I don't ever see him on Selimathunzi anymore. Spha and  Pearl the receptionist (Joanne Reyneke) made an appearance in the opening sequence and the whole "they're married" thing is still being held up. 

muvhango spha, muvhango pearl, muvhango receptionist, where is phila mazibuko
From when Thandaza and Ranthumeng 1 got hitched way back when

The Happy couple.

A weird cameo was Khanyi Mbau because Doobsie. Lark, how can they even?


4. All of Thathe (including Vele) descended on the gorgeous gardens venue. I really loved Azwindini's comedic bit the previous episode at Albert and Hangwani's. Thandaza's daddy, now recast, also made an appearance They brought in every former cast member (and Amanda Du Pont?)  for the shindig. Almost everyone except the Humbulani character. I guess man' Flo didnt leave on good terms. It was their 2000th episode so the nod was understandable 

5. The reception scene was so weird. Yeah,  I said it. The too-big hall/set with the echo, the weird editing and the fact that Randaza were sitting alone without their kids/close family. Whose idea was it for Azwindini to speak on marriage? Lol. Half of his wives are in that marriage only in name.


All in all, it was an alright episode. I wasn't blown away by much except the gardens venue. I have to agree with my fav, Khomotjo, on the wedding not being all that. What were your thoughts? Did you enjoy the episode? Who was your favourite cameo?

EDIT: According to this week's Selimathunzi, Amanda Du Pont was on Muvhango naye back in the day.

Pictures from the Muvhango page on Facebook// Gifs from the webbbb.

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