Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Take Me Out SA Loses The Plot

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There was a groan of collective 'WTF' that could probably be heard across the country at 21h00 when most of us sat down last night anticipating this week's episode of #TMOSA but were greeted with a misguided mid-season recap. The newly-imported concept has come to be a sort of stress reliever for most with its hilarious commentary from the brilliant and hilarious line up of single women and the continually bungled selection of prospective dates. For me the joy of the show is doubled by the fact that I watch it with my sister and most of twitter. The observations and laughs are even better shared. The moment Phat Joe says 'let's bring out the girls' a weight is lifted and the stresses of the day momentarily fade away as I'm assured of a laugh at least once during the 45 or so minutes.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Generations Has Been Dead to me

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The thing with my TV consumption habits is that I'm too poor to afford Satellite TV and I'm stuck with unreliable welfares one to four. This is the only way I can explain away still watching Generations in 2014. I'll often watch the show on Thursdays and Fridays (after Khanyi Mbau is done dancing on Strictly Come Dancing) because there isn't much else to watch.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Muvhango's Vho Albert is Dead and These are the Top Five Moments from the Last Few Days

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Vho Bertie was my nigga and I'm very sad it had to be him, bandla. Everyone is out of their minds with grief. From Azwindini to KK, everyone has feelings about the King Don Bertie's breath being snatched from him. Thandaza even did a spoken word piece like she was back on the Sarafina stage. Khomotjo showed up to the memorial dressed like she was showing up to the Met to snatch lessers bald. I've put together a list of the Top Five reactions and happenings since Albert Mukwevho died.