Monday, 18 August 2014

Generations Has Been Dead to me

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The thing with my TV consumption habits is that I'm too poor to afford Satellite TV and I'm stuck with unreliable welfares one to four. This is the only way I can explain away still watching Generations in 2014. I'll often watch the show on Thursdays and Fridays (after Khanyi Mbau is done dancing on Strictly Come Dancing) because there isn't much else to watch.

The only character/story arch I've cared about in the last two years or so is that of the Don Sompisi Mbhele. This is mostly because when he came about I'd talk to a much older colleague at my old job about him and he made us laugh shem. His was about the only new thing the show has had in the last ten years.

Can we also talk about the lazy dialogue for a moment? CAN WE?

Sibusiso: I'm having buttered toast for breakfast
Senzo: To have butter with your heart problems...

Dineo: I'm having a threesome with Cosmo and Kenneth tonight.
Ruby: Dinny, to let Kenneth touch you again...


Why doesn't anyone ever finish their sentences or say something meaningful (read interesting) on Generations? Do the writers lose their trains of thought somewhere and just shrug and leave it like that. They seem to have a serious shortage of GOOD ideas in the writing room.

You're probably wondering why I am even writing about Generations. Not really? I'll tell you anyway. There was a tweet on my TL that said about 15 actors might be fired from the soap and there were some suggestions up an down my twitter TL, which made my Sunday afternoon a bit of a riot.

I suggested my long-standing story arch where an unknown sniper opens fire at party featuring  the whole cast, of course. They should do it on a Friday for the best cliff-hanger effect. I think they'd benefit from the disappearing planes reality that Isidingo snatched up

How would you want the bulk of Generations' cast to be written out? Share in the comments

Edit: When the actors held their own conference I was gutted. I feel so bad for them.

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