Sunday, 10 August 2014

Muvhango's Vho Albert is Dead and These are the Top Five Moments from the Last Few Days

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Vho Bertie was my nigga and I'm very sad it had to be him, bandla. Everyone is out of their minds with grief. From Azwindini to KK, everyone has feelings about the King Don Bertie's breath being snatched from him. Thandaza even did a spoken word piece like she was back on the Sarafina stage. Khomotjo showed up to the memorial dressed like she was showing up to the Met to snatch lessers bald. I've put together a list of the Top Five reactions and happenings since Albert Mukwevho died.


5. Makhadzi

Listen, this woman is a beast. She. Can. Read. A. Bitch. Some characters are in deep mourning and reflecting on Albert Mukweovho's life and being generally existential but not Makhadzi. She's seen this as good a time as any for a read-a-thon. Oh, Susan and Pfuluwane are reading the newspapers? READ. Vele just bought a cheap ole fascinator and is acting like Makhadzi's brother is not dead and generally acting like a fool as usual? READ. Teboho is trying to use the tragedy to ingratiate herself with the royals? READ. Even Vho Masindi was on some "ngizonisasazela ngoMakhadzi."

4. When Thandaza's Scones Made MaMpho Lose Her Step

As a person who enjoys scones I could totally relate to MaMpho taking one look at Thandaza's freshly baked dozen and being hit by just how fragile life truly is. One day you're doing your thing, maybe almost leaving your wife for an ex flame and the next you're dead -- never to taste scones ever again. As far as I know. I'd nearly faint too, MaMpho!

3. The Uncles (brothers) are out for Revenge

It's so ON right now! As on as it can be when a relative dies in the foyer of a rival family's home and said family can't give the dead man's answers

Borosi & Gizara be like

2. Mme Flo's Declaration

Does anyone know why she and Word of Mouth parted ways? She tends to be shady (and salty) when the show is mentioned. It's totally ridic (unless they did her bad, of course) seeing as she's doing well for herself with two shows on the air right now. I want peace for all my screen makers, man.

1. The Actual Funeral Sequence

It was so sad. Rendani sobbing at the graveside, Hangwani not getting to go (I know after all the other Mukwevho men dying it should be expected but it's still unfair.) The horn blaring sombre music, Makhadzi.

Vho Bertie's gone. It's now time for the family to fued over the will and try to go against his wishes and maybe even go to court because the show is not called "Peacefully Accepting Dead People's Wills". Those were my standout moments from the last few days, what have been yours?

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