Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Take Me Out SA Loses The Plot

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There was a groan of collective 'WTF' that could probably be heard across the country at 21h00 when most of us sat down last night anticipating this week's episode of #TMOSA but were greeted with a misguided mid-season recap. The newly-imported concept has come to be a sort of stress reliever for most with its hilarious commentary from the brilliant and hilarious line up of single women and the continually bungled selection of prospective dates. For me the joy of the show is doubled by the fact that I watch it with my sister and most of twitter. The observations and laughs are even better shared. The moment Phat Joe says 'let's bring out the girls' a weight is lifted and the stresses of the day momentarily fade away as I'm assured of a laugh at least once during the 45 or so minutes.

It's not unfamiliar to see someone tweet 'thank goodness it's Tuesday. #TMOSA is on'. Even I didn't want to go to bed because then I'd miss all the goodness. It's like Our Perfect Wedding Sundays but better because it's on Welfare TV! So there we were, waiting with baited, my sister and I, and PLOT TWIST: some rando people are interviewing some of the single women and that one guy who got a date for a FULL HOUR

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Not very krwam krwam (via @thabiso_dlamini)

This was definitely not what any of us signed up for. So Twitter, feeling betrayed as you do when producers start a-tinkering, had a lot of (mostly hilarious) feelings.

Moral of the story: sorry, tshu! Kucim' izibani. Stop trying to be fancy.

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