Sunday, 7 September 2014

Five Thoughts on the First Episode of X-Factor South Africa

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When it was announced that there'd be a South African version of the X Factor platform being produced I had feelings and thoughts. While my main stance of "what's the point if the talent found there will go unnatured and fade into the abyss of one-hit-wonders for which the local Music talent shows industry is known" still stands my heart has softened to the concept. These are some of my thought on the first episode of X-Factor South Africa

1. The judges

I'll admit that when the judges were announced about a month after audition dates were publicised my thoughts on bringing the concept here melted a were swayed a tiny bit.  My main gripe with IDOL is that it's pushing an agenda, aesthetic and sound that so removed from the market here. It's loft. So where the X-Factor South Africa judging roster came out and it had hit-maker, God Father of Kwaito Oscar; it had the powerhouse that's Zonke Dikane; it had Arno Carstens who's had a long career that includes going solo. This line up gives me hope that uniquely south African acts will come from this whole exercise.

2. Speaking of the judges, I've got some questions...

When Iziqhaza, a traditional music act, auditioned Arno was all "if I say yes I'll need to see something pop". Uhm... There will be pop people auditioning, Arno. Is pop very viable or valid here? I don't know -- name one local pop act that's done as well as The Soil or the Parlotones? 


3. Zonke has her priorities in order

Zonke knows what the brief is and she's not about to lower her standards and say yes to wonke wonke and risk her job because she's not about it. I hope these standards hold and that she helps bring the best to the live stage.

4. Could Rnb make a come back locally?

Wanda from Orange Farm's audition had everyone, especially Zonke, swooning. I just hope they keep his RnB sound as it is and not try to Afro Pop him.

5. Proximity to Andile

Where does one apply to cry into Andile's chest? Does he smell like morning dew, summer rain and Blue Ivy's tears of joy? I'm asking for a friend because she's very keen on this public service. I'd also love to have around to give me a hug everytime there isn't any cold milk for my cereal. I'll also need one of those cuddles each time Telkom Mobile sends me an SMS saying I've only 500mb left on my data bundle. Help a girl out!

Side note: does anyone actually know what the big prize is? There hasn't been much mention of the big prize and I sort of feel like contestants are only competing for a 24-month Vodacom data card or something as lame.

Edit  (22 September) The show's been speeding by, Ma-eh! Two episodes in and we're already at bootcamp. Sijahephi kanti? Also, I'm done with Arno! They way he let Niyaaz and Amanda go hurt my good sense deeply. Get him off my TV. I'm done with him.

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