Thursday, 4 December 2014

How Generations The Legacy Looks

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Though I expressed a deep underwhelmentover the first episode of Generations: The Legacy, I'm still watching and laughing because what else can I do? I'm also watching for my  Amstel Ad alumni bae, Vuyo Dabula, with his strong face and mohawk. Vuyo Dabula is actually the only guy aged over ten that can pull off a mow hawk, really. On the second episode I played a fun game where I rolled my eyes each time the word "legacy" was included in dialogue, I thought I'd go blind by the end of it. Seeing as the third episode, which you can catch on omnibus at 11am this Saturday, was not filmed on location, or a club set, I thought I'd take a closer look at the sets that look so familiar and played a little game of spot the sets. We know the Generations: The Legacy Universe is the same as that of its predecessor but just how simalr is Generations land "Two years Later"? Here's what I noticed.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Generations: The Legacy

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As you guys know the 'new' Generations or Generations: The Legacy or Mfundi Vundla's Got the Longest Tender of all time, premiered on Monday. I was out when it played but I made some time to catch the 10:30am repeat on SABC 3. I had some thoughts and feelings and questions on the episode like why was is so not-exciting? Why didn't someone get killed? Someone who's central to the story that is. Where was the explosion? Here are some more feelings/questions in unstructured form because I really couldn't be bothered to put structure to them.