Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Generations: The Legacy

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As you guys know the 'new' Generations or Generations: The Legacy or Mfundi Vundla's Got the Longest Tender of all time, premiered on Monday. I was out when it played but I made some time to catch the 10:30am repeat on SABC 3. I had some thoughts and feelings and questions on the episode like why was is so not-exciting? Why didn't someone get killed? Someone who's central to the story that is. Where was the explosion? Here are some more feelings/questions in unstructured form because I really couldn't be bothered to put structure to them.

It's all bling bling, fam. The new title sequence that is, it'c clever of them to not put any cast members because the production doesn't seem that interested in keeping all the actors happy so it'll cut back on future alterations when people inevitably leave. Right?

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The Diales

Two years later? Two years after what? After the old Generations got wiped out or after Tau Mogale rose from the dead, Hlala Kwabafileyo style?

Chriselda Lewis!!! Akaphani ispace losisi. The unveiling lasted far too long.

Tau mogale has a sister that's not Zanele? Ok. I'll suspend my belief.

The guy espaza can pause live TV. On a 54 cm with no satellite. The actor  still hasn't had his 7deLaan exit yet.

This episode should have been more exciting.

Smanga! He was in Kenya with his mum and he came back with his setswana. He left as a baby and lived with his mum (and aunt) who spoke isiZulu only. Halala.

Spaza boy's mum has a briefcase of Archie's photos. I'm already bored by that storyline.

Hhayi smanga, is this umgidi or an open mic night? I was waiting for the Mzwakhe Mbuli echoes.

Mazwi? Is this a throwback to Ngubs? I miss Sibusiso Dlomo. The people in Mfundi Vundla's writers' room are being petty.

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The Mogale-Morokas

The Motene kids (Jon and Angela) now speak fluent setswana. It's amazing what a couple of years living in London with a relative who speaks only english can do.

I just adore Manaka Ranaka. The character's daughter made me think of Pearl "The Thussiah" Thusi, carrying the cross for biracial-looking Nguni-speaking gals with natural hair.

Repossessing costume jewellery? What part of the game?

Verdict: it was bland for a first episode. Maybe Mary will come in with an interesting story. But praise to the soraising. I've been praying that they'd soraise Three Stina Dlomo and Prince Moroka since 2012, for new blood.

What'd you think of the episode?

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