Thursday, 4 December 2014

How Generations The Legacy Looks

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Though I expressed a deep underwhelmentover the first episode of Generations: The Legacy, I'm still watching and laughing because what else can I do? I'm also watching for my  Amstel Ad alumni bae, Vuyo Dabula, with his strong face and mohawk. Vuyo Dabula is actually the only guy aged over ten that can pull off a mow hawk, really. On the second episode I played a fun game where I rolled my eyes each time the word "legacy" was included in dialogue, I thought I'd go blind by the end of it. Seeing as the third episode, which you can catch on omnibus at 11am this Saturday, was not filmed on location, or a club set, I thought I'd take a closer look at the sets that look so familiar and played a little game of spot the sets. We know the Generations: The Legacy Universe is the same as that of its predecessor but just how simalr is Generations land "Two years Later"? Here's what I noticed.

- Cosmo's family now lives in Mam'Ruby's house, Shebeen and all. They moved it from Soweto to Alex.

- Getty works at an unnamed company that's now housed at #Hashtagworld. The car prop has now been replaced by a few shelves en ting. So much professional.

- Mary and Getty share a flat at Siqalo court and even though the Mohawk and dreads (Phakade's) family's home has stairs, it too looks like  a reworked version of Dineo's flat.

- The Moroka Legacy, lol, now lives in the Memela home. 

- Mazwi, the Moroka in waiting or whatever, moved into Samora (rest his beautiful character, why'd he have to get fired?)'s flat. It's characterised as more dangerous and hard now than it was in its last life.

Did I miss anything? Have you been watching the show? Please share your thoughts. 

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