Thursday, 20 August 2015

Throwback to Mazinyo Dot Q

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I’ve never gotten into the spirit of “Throwback Thursdays” (or #TBT) because, who cares? That was until SABC 1 started broadcasting a season of Home Affairs again. That show was a gem, if you didn’t like it we probably have nothing to talk about because -- are you even a real person? Anyway, in reliving the greatness of Home Affairs I started thinking about other shows and TV ~moments~ that deserve a throwback. If you can afford Satellite TV and are lucky enuf to be watching SABC Encore -- nobody likes you -- count your blessings and share your favourite throwback moment. For my first throwback/remember when post is about the sitcom Mazinyo Dot Q.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

All About Umlilo

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Cebisile, Mnqobi, Dumile and Khwezi

The Simelane family of etv's popular drama, Umlilo, is coming back for a second season that promises to be filled with more drama. If you didn't watch the first season, this post is just for you -- it's a primer that will get you up to date with the world of Umlilo. If you did watch, please feel free to share your favourite Umlilo moments from the first season in the comments (#IskheberesheSehomewrecker).

When Umlilo began we met a relatively happy and functional family living in a polygamous household. The two wives were gearing up to throw their man a party and all was well. But then all hell sort of broke loose because there's another woman who's about to be brought into the household.