Thursday, 20 August 2015

Throwback to Mazinyo Dot Q

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I’ve never gotten into the spirit of “Throwback Thursdays” (or #TBT) because, who cares? That was until SABC 1 started broadcasting a season of Home Affairs again. That show was a gem, if you didn’t like it we probably have nothing to talk about because -- are you even a real person? Anyway, in reliving the greatness of Home Affairs I started thinking about other shows and TV ~moments~ that deserve a throwback. If you can afford Satellite TV and are lucky enuf to be watching SABC Encore -- nobody likes you -- count your blessings and share your favourite throwback moment. For my first throwback/remember when post is about the sitcom Mazinyo Dot Q.

MTV and them might think they invented the concept of “catfish” but we’ve been having it. When I was 12 years old Mazinyo Dot Q, an ensemble sitcom, blew on to SABC 2 Sunday nights (I guess Stokvel must have been on break). In a broad sense Mazinyo Dot Q was about a family living and running a B + B in Gugulethu, but it’s actually about love, self-esteem and vanity in the times of online dating.

south african comedy, south african sitcom

Qondi and Charles meet on an online dating website and they hit it off> When it comes to exchanging pictures she sends him her sister’s picture and tells him her name is Thembi. Internet stranger danger aside, Charles leaves London and comes to live at the B + B to check out how it’s going so he (or his mother) can invest in it. In other to do damage control, Qondi -- or “Q” -- gets her sister in on the scheme and asks her to pretend to be the one who was talking to Charles online. The motivation is seemingly to get him to stay and end up investing in the B + B but we can all see that Qondi is keen on him.

Thembi is grossed out by Charles and barely conceals it and dubs him “Mazinyo”. She’s a struggling model with a secret boyfriend who’s also a model. Allegedly. Thembi is a far cry from Qondi and the person Charles “fell for” online but it makes no difference. He’s still set on her and is convinced there’s something there, mostly due to her looks. 

It’s an adequate exploration into whether or not people fall for people online or just the image and ideal represented by the catfish image/person.With interaction, living and working together at the B + B Qondi and Charles get even closer and their chemistry elevates but he’s still set on the idea of Thembi. I can’t remember but I think the truth came out in the end there was a Hollywood ending. 

Despite the fact that Charles was a shallow little shit.

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