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All About Umlilo

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Cebisile, Mnqobi, Dumile and Khwezi

The Simelane family of etv's popular drama, Umlilo, is coming back for a second season that promises to be filled with more drama. If you didn't watch the first season, this post is just for you -- it's a primer that will get you up to date with the world of Umlilo. If you did watch, please feel free to share your favourite Umlilo moments from the first season in the comments (#IskheberesheSehomewrecker).

When Umlilo began we met a relatively happy and functional family living in a polygamous household. The two wives were gearing up to throw their man a party and all was well. But then all hell sort of broke loose because there's another woman who's about to be brought into the household.

Mnqobi Simelane (Hamilton Dlamini) married his childhood sweetheart, Cebisile (Gcina Mkhize) in traditional law. He then married his second wife Dumile (Nokuthula Ledwaba) in civil law. The second marriage was supposedly done in the guise of trying to father an heir because both of his children with Cebisile are girls. But Dumile cannot conceive (later we learn she's on birth control because she's not about that life).

The worst part of the impending marriage and change to the family (for Dumile who has been vocally against it from the beginning) is that Mnqobi intends to divorce Dumile so he can marry Khwezi in a civil marriage. Dumile, who the epitome of "umfazi wephepha" in that she is younger, she eats her youth and likely calls Mnqobi, "bae," is not having it.

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Khwezi (Nomzamo Mbatha) is an unknown entity but unalanto -- you caan tell she's up to no good. From the moment the impending marriage is announced Dumile, and most of the viewers, are suspicious of her and her motives. As she makes strides and the negotiations for amalobolo are due to begin we learn that she's out for revenge, no Emily Thorne. Mnqobi did somethings, her father died and she had a tough life.

Those of us who were watching spent 90 percent of the episodes wondering "What is Khwezi up to???" South African pop-culture hadn't see a mystery this captivating since that time we all agreed that DJ Sbu was in fact Mzekezeke.
The first season cast of Umlilo also included Spikiri (Daniel Hadebe) a P.I but also a man who has mad chemistry with Dumile. He's been instrumental in her investigations into Khwezi. Andile (Omuhle Gela) is Cebisile and Mnqobi's oldest daughter, she was the first person to find out about her dad and Khwezi. She also does other, less-exciting things. TK (Thato Molamu) works for Mnqobi's company, is sleeping with Andile and knows Khwezi from the past?

Other things:
Khwezi is using a fake identity (because how else will she get her revenge?) which made #WhoIsKhwezi a thing on season one. Spikiri and Dumile have hectic chemistry, even though he behaves suspiciously at times. Is he Khwezi's co-conspirator on the low? Andile is supposed to be doing tshitshi things but she squats on it (TK's). YAS, do you, girl. Cebisile is slowly waking up to Khwezi's shadiness but ke she's their sister-wife now. 

Not that she need sto "justify" herself but I'm very curious about Dumile's decision to not have children with her husband. I cannot praise Nokuthula Ledwaba enuf for her work on Umlilo.

TL;DR it's about to be LIT once more. Catch the Umlilo season 2 primiere tomorrow 21h00 on etv

What do you think is going to happen on season2 of Umlilo?

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