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Favourite New Characters

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I like TV. I watch quite a bit of it -- a lot in fact. I comment on TV and want South African TV to be its best in the way of content and funding and job creation. Basically, I want everyone to win and thrive. To be their best versions and just... o7 7 7.

So here I am, writing about my favourite new baes characters in the "daily drama" landscape.

Mkhonto "MK" Xulu

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This is the character that pretty much came out of nowhere but was a pleasant surprise. One of his most memory first scenes was when he trashed Ayanda at Diana's. That scene is also when my "Mkhonto is actually Ayanda's father" theory, which has mostly died, was born.

I love him because ukhanda shisa and he cannot be tamed. This means you never really see him coming or know what he's going to do next. A feature that is great for the plot as it never quite gets boring when he's around. But dammit he can be a mess! He is erratic and unpredictable -- the only predictable thing about him is that he is bound to do something reckless and ill-conceived.

MK lately: he was a masked vigilante who went by the name S'gqemeza for a while. Now he's back in the Gxabhashe family fold where he's made new messes in the form of angering their loan shark, S'gonondo. Apparently his relationship with Smangele is still happening. WHY? And he's still a suspect for "killing" his brother.

Imani Nkosi

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Hhe! Imani. Leading up to her being introduced on the show, there was a Khumbul'ekhaya story line going on on Muvhango Land: apparently MaNkosi and Malume Themba had a brother who was active in the struggle etc. They eventually found him in Tanzania and he died in Thandaza's house, I think. That guy is Imani's grandfather.

A few months after Bhekikhaya (that's the exile guy who died's name, ironic) and his Tanzanian family exited the show, Imani showed up on Thandaza's doorstep. She was welcome with warm arms with MaNkosi even crying.And Ranthumeng getting a boner. Ugh. He's the worst.

I really like Imani. Most of that like is because she's pretty. SHE IS GORJAS. She's also funny and sweet. And the handbag-throwing scene was one of my favourite TV moments of the year. She's fun. I also like her because for the most part she seemed to be rebuffing Ranthumeng's creepy advances. Until she got pregnant by him. *sigh* I just feel bad for Thandaza because after the wedding (before Ranthumeng unleashed the "You're not the CEO of this family!!!" garbage) I was rooting for the marriage this time.

My other thing about imani is that she really seems to love Thandaza. She seems to be on her side and want her aunt to thrive. But WTF is happening with Ranthumeng?

Imani lately: she had agreed to be Ranthumeng and Thandaza's surrogate but she found out she's pregnant.


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For the most part I have truly outgrown Isidingo. I mean, there was the storyline with Nina and Mfundisi, I'm human so the sexiness got me. I can go weeks without watching the show and not miss much. Sure, there's always melodrama because it's Horizon Deep but that drama never really feels like much to me.

Enter a Doctor. Jean-Marc to be exact. He's got long hair but then short sides (looool) and an accent and is dark and is sexy and YES. Ngiyamuvuma. Ngiyamuqoma. He shouldn't just limit himself to that woman he's currently with. All the women of The Deep deserve a taste of that. He seems sweet and looks really great in bedroom scenes, and in scrubs, and and.

Jean-Marc lately: he's just arrived at The Deep and he's a (conflict) doctor and wins the TV Bae of 2015 award.

I would like to reiterate that Ranthumeng is the worst ever.

What character are you currently loving on local TV?

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