Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Bra Hugh and The Bantu Hour

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Rest in peace, Bra Hugh

In 2015, I wrote about a show I was excited about: The Bantu Hour. It was to be a comedy variety show with sketches, interviews and, of course, live music. Kagiso Lediga, whom I believe to be one of the few comedians in this country who are actually funny, was attached as the host. Another very special part of the show was to be the legendary trumpeter, Hugh Masekela as the band leader.

So when The Bantu Hour debuted on SABC 2, I was glued to my screen with my thumbs on my phone. This is when I regularly live-tweed television and my account (SofatimesSA) was one of the accounts that made the hashtag a trending topic. That’s how invested in the show I was.

One segment of The Bantu Hour that got no love from me was “The Chronicles of Hugh” where Bra Hugh Masekela told stories about his time in exile and his youth and what it was like to be a rockstar. Make no mistake, there were always parts that were hilarious and I often found myself laughing but I still wished they segments were shorter and not as tangential.

That’s the disease of the young, isn’t it?

Today I find myself glad that the long-winded stories exist. I’m glad that Bra Hugh Masekela’s memories and experiences exist and in his own words. More the well-coordinated music intervals, I’m glad this part of the show exists. As I will be clinging to people’s memories of Bra Hugh and the jokes he told them, I hope to also look to these segments from The Bantu Hour. Not that I’m worthy.

In the first instalment of "The Chronicles of Hugh" Bra Hugh Masekela talks about the infamous weave stance

Bra Hugh on drinking "legally" for the first time

When Jimi Hendrix took Bra Hugh Masekela to a popping club. Also, that year Bra Hugh's album was the biggest in the world:
Bra Hugh Masekela on 40 years since the Soweto Uprisings and black firsts

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